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From: Steam Train
Subject: Exposed Story 12Exposed
By Steam Train (
`A series of unrelated short stories capturing the humiliation and
embarrassment suffered by the stories character when their late or early
development is exposed upon being made naked in public'.
Story Twelve
Scott was a 13 year old 9th grade freshman at high school; he would turn 14
in a couple of months.Scott was always planning pranks on his friends and relatives and as a
consequence of these pranks his mother nubile nude pics lolitas was at her wits end as to how to
discipline him effectively.Only yesterday Scott's mother had warned him, "Your pranks against others
especially your acts of disrespect toward females have to stop, otherwise I
will take matters into my own hands if you continue to carry out these
immature pranks on others. Because I love you Scott I have decided that
drastic action is needed to stop you before you get in serious trouble.
Unfortunately what I have planned unless you turn over a new leaf
immediately will have consequences for you that will be very embarrassing
and humiliating."Scott's mum had then gone on to explain the drastic and humiliating actions
she was planning if his behaviour did not improve!Unfortunately for Scott his mother's threats and warnings were all but
forgotten by the very next day. On that day a spur of the moment
opportunity made his 13 year old neighbour, Kim Murray, the latest victim
of his pranks.Kim was swimming in Scott's pool along with three other neighbours, 13 year
olds Abby Clark, Cathy Gibson and Scott's best friend Joe O'Brian.Kim had just pushed off the wall of the pool doing a backstroke right next
to Scott when the opportunity presented itself to Scott. He reached across
as the momentum of her push from the wall propelled her past him and out
into the pool and tugged down her bikini bottom. The force of her momentum
made it easy for Scott to lower her bikini bottom all the way to her ankles
and then completely off.To Scott's surprise there was not all that much to see, just smooth pale
skin below Kim's tan line with a few downy little pubic hairs scattered
sparsely between her legs on her pubic triangle. Her smooth furrowed slit
ran prominently down the middle of her almost hairless triangle, before
disappearing out of sight between her legs. Kim's hands flashed to cover
her exposed feminine secrets as a scream of surprise and embarrassment rang
out from her mouth.Joe, Abby and Cathy couldn't stop themselves from giggling, at Kim's
embarrassment.These giggles only encouraged Scott to go one step further and with Kim's
hands desperately trying to cover her newly exposed secrets, Scott attacked
quickly, reaching underneath Kim and pulling both the bottom then the upper
strings of her bikini top, which then hung loosely over her breasts."Don't" Kim screamed out as she franticly removed one of her hands from
covering her naked groin and attempted to hold the loose bikini in place.Her hand however was not quick enough to stop Scott whipping off the loose
bikini top exposing Kim's small rounded `A' cup breasts with their small
light pink nipples."Kim, your tits, they've shrunk! What happened to them?" Cathy exclaimed
giggling at the sight of her friends exposed smaller than expected breasts."It's padded!" Scott laughingly replied as he examined Kim's bikini top.
Kim turned beet red at Scott's comment about her padded secret."Yeah Kim you were so high and mighty making fun of my AA chest, all the
while knowing that in truth you were lolita top list bbs hardly any better off than I was!"
Abby bitterly commented.All of Kim's screaming had bought Scott's mother out of the house."What's going on out here" she demanded."Scott pulled my bikini off, I'm naked" Kim protested to Scott's mother."It was just a prank mom, I didn't do anything bad," defended Scott."You don't call pulling my bikini top and bottom off bad?" retorted Kim as
Cathy handed her, the bikini top and bottom and Kim franticly tried to
redress."Well, I most certainly do," said Scott's mother. "I warned you yesterday
Scott that I would take desperate measures if you pulled one more of your
childish immature pranks."Oh, come on mom, it was only a joke, it wasn't childish or immature" Scott
lamely tried defending."You may be in high school but your actions certainly indicate that you
have a lot of growing up to do" Scott's mum replied."But I am all grown up! It was just a harmless prank" Scott again argued,
"Besides my prank revealed the truth that Kim is not as grown up as she has
been pretending!""Well I don't know about Kim but with the punishment I have in mind for you
Scott I guess we'll all soon see if it's true that you are all grown up,
won't we?" his mother replied with a wicked smile as Scott blushed.Scott began to get very nervous, he knew what punishment his mother had
threatened but he little lolita angels bbs didn't really believe that she would dare to carry out
such a humiliating, embarrassing and painful punishment. Now he was not so
certain.What if his mother did strip him naked and spank him as she had threatened?
She was going to see him naked and discover for herself just how far away
from "all grown up" Scott really was. The thought made him blush profusely
as it had been several years since his mother had seen him naked and
embarrassingly for him there hadn't been much change since then!Scott's mum angrily ordered Scott out of the pool and told him to go inside
and take a shower.Not wanting to upset his mum any further, Scott got quickly out of the pool
and hurried inside to the bathroom. When Scott was done showering he shut
off the shower and as he began to get out he realised that his mum was
standing there before him looking at him naked. Never in the last few years
had she ever intruded into his privacy like this. Scott immediately covered
his groin with his hands before his mum could see anything as he stood
there naked and dripping wet before his angry and determined looking mum.All the clothes Scott had taken into the bathroom to change into were lolita guestbook fozya ranchi in
his mums hands."Put your hands by your side Scott and stop covering up. It's time for me
to see just how grown up you really are" Scotts mum instructed."NO!" Scott defiantly replied."I'm waiting mister" Scott's mum insisted.Scott was reluctant to expose himself. A two months short of his 14th
birthday Scott didn't want anyone to know that he didn't have any hair
anywhere, not on his chest, legs, under his arms or worst of all around his
pubic area and genitals."Well, I'm not waiting much longer Scott, do I have to spank you twice
instead of once. First for disobedience, as well as later for what you did
to Kim? Or are you going to remove your hands to your sides immediately"
his mum again demanded.Blushing profusely and wishing the ground would open up and swallow him,
Scott hesitantly placed his hands by his sides, putting all of his hairless
glory on display to his mum. Scott's mother stood there silent for a long
interval, looking him up and down, a smile slowly spreading across her face
as she took in the sight of her son naked, revealing for the first time her
sons still hairless small and under developed genitals."Hurry up and dry yourself" Scott's mum eventually ordered.As if standing naked in front of his mum whilst he dried off was not
punishment enough, Scott's mum proceeded to inform him that she wanted him
to remember how wrong what he had done to Kim in the pool had been. So to
make the punishment fit the crime, Scott's mum informed him that she had
decided that Scott would be punished naked in front of Kim, Abby, Cathy and
Joe in his own living room."No way" Scott exclaimed and went to go to his bedroom but his mum blocked
his way."You're not too big for me yet mister" Scott's mum said to lolita guestbook fozya ranchi Scott."To maximize your punishment the first thing I want you to do when you
front up before Kim is to apologize to her face to face for your childish
immature prank" she continued.Scott pleaded with his mom but she didn't want to hear anymore about it.Finally in frustration at Scott's lack of movement she grabbed him by my
ear and dragged him out of the bathroom and down the hall to the living
room whilst Scott frantically tried to cover up his exposed genitals with
his hands, pleading furiously for his mum to stop as she pulled him along.When top lolita nudism sites Scott and his mum got to their destination Kim, Abby, Cathy and Joe
were all sitting on the couch. Scott's mum placed him standing in front of
them as he tried desperately to cover myself as best as he could manage.Scott blushed even more profusely if that was possible when his mom ordered
him to, "Put your hands by your side and stop playing with yourself in
front of everyone".At first Scott refused to move his hands so his mum twisted his ear even
harder till he was forced to remove his hands leaving himself exposed. Kim,
Abby, Cathy and Joe were all now grinning, giggling, and pointing at
Scott's complete full frontal nudity which revealed his totally bald pre
pubescent package."Look," said Kim giggling with the pleasure of revenge at the newly
revealed sight, "Scott is still a bald little boy""Hey, look everyone" said Scott's best friend Joe, "As well as Scott still
being nude preteen lolitas models
a hairless little boy he's getting a boner."Scott's mum was smirking too at her son's obvious embarrassment and
humiliation.Scott's face blushed the reddest it ever had been, embarrassingly aware
that everyone was now staring at his circumcised, skinny, small for his
age, just over two and three quarter inch erect penis, which was now
pointing up toward the ceiling almost touching his tummy."The reason I asked you all to wait here, is so you can hear Scott
apologize to Kim for stripping her naked. I thought it only fair that Scott
suffer the same humiliation and embarrassment of being stripped naked as
Kim suffered and I hope that such an experience might deter him from doing
pranks like this ever again" Scott's mum stated to the four enthralled
teenagers.Scott you have an apology to make to Kim" Scott's mum lolits toples underage teen stated.Scott mumbled a few incoherent words at Kim."That's enough, if you can't apologize properly then you deserve that
spanking I promised right now in front of your friends" Scott's mother
thundered."Your inability to apologize properly just proves to me that you aren't as
grown up as you made everyone think you were and now that we have all seen
you naked we know that to be a fact!. If you want to act like a child
you'll be treated as a child."Scott's mum then pulled up a dining chair and pulled Scott over her lap and
began spanking his bare bottom in earnest! Scott was so taken aback by the
indignity, the humiliation the embarrassment of it all he immediately cried
out as the first hard smack reigned down on his virgin bottom"Oww, owwww owwwww" he shouted as the studio art preteen loli
spanks continued. "Please stop" he
was soon begging and not long after that he began to cry like a little boy."I will not tolerate any more pranks from you do you understand Scott's
mother thundered until she decided he had received enough blows.""Now you can apologize again to Kim, and keep your arms at your sides so
she studio art preteen loli can see close up how much of a little boy you still little russian loli gallery are" Scott's mother
said.Not wanting another spanking like the one he had just received Scott
readily apologized in a loud clear but sobbing voice to Kim.When Scott had finished his apology he looked at the three girls and Joe
and to his horror and added humiliation noticed that none of them were
looking at his face, their eyes were all fixed on his naked groin."Look" Abby said, pointing at close range to Scott's groin, "He has a few
tiny little pale blond peach fuzz hairs beginning to grow above his dick."The others all moved forward to get a closer look and Scott's mother moved
over to have a closer look as well, and then turned to face the girls and
Joe and said, "Scott has not displayed the maturity to be allowed to have
any hairs down there, no matter how tiny and sparse they may be. I want
them removed. Would you like to take the responsibility for removing them
Kim?"Kim didn't even hesitate to accept the offer from Scott's mother."Please mom, don't let Kim touch me! Scott begged."Nonsense it will do you good, you are far too modest Scott, I'm sure that
this excessive modesty is partly what has led to all your bad behaviour
lately" Scott's mum replied as she left for the bathroom.Soon she returned with a razor and shaving cream and instructed Kim how to
remove Scott's tiny growth of peach fuzz hair around his groin.Joe was laughing at his best friend's obvious top lolita nudism sites discomfort as Kim's hands
moved over what was previously Scotts most private of parts.Under instruction Kim grasped Scott's erect penis tightly in her left hand
and forced it down toward his balls as far as it would reasonably go, a
position Scott found quite uncomfortable."Spread the shaving cream over the peach fuzz," Scott's mum instructed
Kim. She quickly sprayed the shaving cream on Scott's groin and then spread
it around with her fingers until the entire area above Scott's penis was
covered.Kim then methodically shaved Scott's groin. There was almost nothing there
so in just moments, Kim was finished and then released Scott's penis, which
snapped back to slap the newly shaved skin.Scott whimpered in humiliation but in truth from any distance Scott looked
no different than he had before he was shaved but none the less all four
teenagers were totally checking Scott's naked body out one last time before
his punishment was over.Just when Scott thought his punishment session was over he was made to go
stand in the corner by hall doorway facing back into the room, a position
where his nakedness was totally exposed until Scott's mum served lemonade
and cookies to Scotts friends. By the look on Scott's face his mother was
pretty confident that her son had finally learnt his lesson.As far as Scott was concerned it could not get any more humiliating,
embarrassing or painful than what he had just suffered!
The End

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